Monday, August 07, 2006

I read a lot of books, especially of the science-fiction, medical/scientific thriller, and fantasy genres. Every time I go to the neighborhood library, I make a beeline for the kid's section and have to avoid the stares of the librarian, the parents, and other tiny tots in there, because I'm kid-less and am making out with a pile of comic books (typically of the Superman/Batman/X-men/Tintin/ Asterix titles). Yes, I'm an overgrown kid in some senses. Aren't we all?

People here know very little about Tintin and Asterix. Probably because the comics are European in origin. But these, and the comics of DC and Marvel, are what I grew up with. I loved them as a kid, I love them still. My dad tells me he got those Superman and Batman comics in (surprisingly) an airport in Sydney (way way away from the USA), and I've told him to treasure those comics. They will make valuable antiques.

If I read any interesting books, or find any interesting quotes, I'll put them here.

Currently, I am reading "Wicked" by Gregory MacGuire, a re-telling of the Wizard of Oz from the POV of the Wicked Witch of the West. She may not be that wicked after all. And isn't that always the case in history, in stories, in myths and legends? The media/history books tell us (often) one side of the story. History is told by the victors, who become the heroes. It is one of the first things I learned in History class in Sec. 1: objectivity is an ideal, biasness is the reality.

But...people and society, cultures and story-tellers, all need their heroes. Those who epitomizes everything that the audience will love and adore. Then, there are the anti-heroes. Just like Jean Gerard of Talladega Nights is portrayed. He is in NASCAR-land, chief opponent. But he is 1) French, 2) of the Middle-Eastern phenotype, 3) Married with a husband.

Well. I suppose the anti-heroes also say something about the times, don't they? Perhaps the heroes are more eternal in their representation of good, but the anti-heroes are fluid, dynamic, reflecting what contemporaries fears and apprehensions are.

I digress and have gone on a terrible tangent.

My point is, I like sci-fi, fantasy, and comics. So there.


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