Friday, July 21, 2006

Not So Different After All

I am older
The word mother holding child
Says no

I have learned
I love people; can't stand them
Leave me alone!

No angst no pain
No anger no rage
No flow of thought
Empty boring slate

Even this is a cliche

Am I happy?
Am I sad?
Not really
Am I content?
Am I free?
I truly will never be

Such if my life

Freedom lies in my mind
Freedom is in my heart
The freedom I seek I will never get
For that freedom could kill those I love
And the lack of freedom
Will consume the spirit that wants
To roam, to explore, to seek, to fly
To have my 5 lifetimes

No more angst that is true. Yearning is what I feel in my soul.
March 26, 2006

© 2006
All works are the original creation of the author (me)


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