Friday, July 14, 2006

Let me make a political analysis of the current situation in the mid-East, and regarding Israel's bombing of Lebanon.

KIDDING. All I know if what the media tells me. But here's something interesting:

In brief, once upon a time, before independence, when my dad was still a teen, a bomb detonated in Singapore in beloved Orchard Road. Who the culprits are is not important. The fact is, our dear LKY and the newly elected PAP came into power in such tumult and uncertainty. All those cheesy National Day songs about "uncertainty" and "troubles" have a very valid basis on the nation's past. So this National Day, I pledge to remember what our fathers' generation went through. I am glad for the stability of my country, and for LKY's paranoia about dissent.

Thanks for the enlightenment, DO.


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