Friday, July 21, 2006

Nostalgia and Reminiscence.

Here follows two poems and a song I wrote when I was younger (I even have a tune for the song). I was having nightmares and I felt a lot of frustration as a teenager. It is perhaps the one motivation I had to put my thoughts on paper, and has led me to this path today. Sarah always said I was a tortured soul.

Oh and please forgive any cheesiness. I wrote these when I was 15 or 16. At that age, everything you write seems original and excellent. And I was REALLY REALLY angry, in my own way.

Dreams (I suppose since that is part of the title of my blog, I have to have something, right?)

Dreams enter your mind
Creeping up behind you
All ready for the pounce

Sleep comes so fast
Then your dreams
Hit you

You know what to do?
You don't like what you see
But you can't run, you can't hide
It won't work
You can't escape
Those Dreams

Wake up
Scream in terror
You're drenched in sweat
Shaking with fright all over
Don't sleep
It'll happen again
You might not wake up
From your dreams, ever

Scream and yell
Kick and fight
Struggle to keep away
But sleep lulls
The Sandman beckons
Nothing can help
To escape
Your Dreams


Bird In a Cage

All alone like a bird in a cage
Isolated, sad and lonely
Why is it this way?
Others fly around free
Soaring, happy, joyful
Why them and not me?
Jealousy runs in my mind
Alienated, angry and mad
Wish I could be with them.

How my life was just like theirs
Feel like screaming but I can't
Why are they so happy?
Why am I so lonely?
Trapped like a bird in a cage.

Solitary and chained down
It's cold, oh so cold.
Am I the one to blame?
Others, they don't give a damn about me.
It hurts, it's so painful
To know they just don't care.


Trying Not to Cry

You try to stay together
No matter how hard, no matter how long
You know that friendships last till the end of time.
You bring yourself together
There's no way out, you have to accept
Nothing lasts forever, never that way.

So walking down the road of life
At first you thought you'd never part
But in the end it all stopped short
You'll never get the things you lost
What can I say, what could I do?
It was all up to you.
As you ask yourself why,
You're trying not to cry.

You stand by each other
Through thick and through thin,
Won't matter when
No one knows how long
Your friendships can last
Your final time together
Don't say so long, don't say goodbye
It hurts so much to see you part.

This was my very first song/poem, written when I was 14. Those from home understand that between 14 and 15, there is typically a shuffling/streaming of students into new classes, so that friends you've made the past 2 years are separated. This was, and still is, dedicated to Grace Ho, Elisa Chan, Teo Beng Wee, Elizabeth Chen, and Kimberley Wang. Hey guys, remember I.Y.F (In Your Face)? I am thankful I've found you guys again. Thanks Li-Lin.

All works are the original creation of the author (me)


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