Sunday, August 26, 2007

An Oral History

The other day my dad went to make a recording as part of a series of oral histories being collected for some national archives. He came home with a binder of newspaper clippings starting from 1977 when he first appeared in the papers. Pretty interesting stuff he used to say, a lot of unabashed critiquing and very eloquent (to the point of corniness, says my sister) speeches. I'm guessing I inherited my "penchant" for writing from my dad. He writes very well and writes all his material.

Like father, like daughter. I'm a product of my parents, no doubt about that.

And, like someone recently said to me and my classmates at a orientation speech, the government does what it usually does to those who speak up more and "make a lotta noise" more here in my home country. They take those people, put them in positions of power and responsibility, thereby shutting them up.

Pretty funny stuff.


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