Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Origin" update:

I am no longer writing a series, even though I originally had FOUR parts. Here's what happened:

1) Parts I and II were combined to make something longer and stronger. Feedback so far from people close to me is quite positive. Thank you, Alice Orr, for that wonderful suggestion.

2) Part III was too comic-book like, and was probably something I just had to get out of my system. I think it's well-written, but too cliche, and "out of trend" with what I was trying to achieve with the previous parts. I've decided to consider this part as completely unpublishable, but the history and background of characters established in highly useful for my purposes.

3) Without Part III, Part IV is useless. The material in Part IV is wholly useable, though.

So...here's the lowdown:

1) I now have a standalone novel, and I removed the original cliffhanger I wrote in January 2007 (though I must admit the cliffhanger was pretty awesome).

2) I am writing a second novel based on ONE (and only ONE) character from the above. There are few connections, it's completely different in style, and I'm almost starting from scratch. I am going from a thriller-type novel to a historical one.

Wish me luck...In 3 months' time, I may not be able to write creatively for 8 long years. Sigh...


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