Sunday, February 11, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore deserves an Oscar for this documentary, and not because it was well done, but because he is a great spokesperson for global warming. As someone who has learned about global warming since Secondary 3, I believe what he says, and given all the crazy weather lately, what's not to believe? I hope someone steps forward and claims Richard Brandon's $25 million prize, because heck, I don't want my home country to go under when the ice caps melt. Yes, "when", because I absolutely agree that we're all frogs.

No...that's not a typo.

State of Fear

Michael Crichton's take on the whole issue. I read his book a while back, before I watched Al Gore's movie last night. When I finished the book, I was amazed at the way he rationalized both sides of the argument. Al Gore argues that there is no "both sides", that the side of the skeptics was invented by the popular press and by politicians. Well, who knows right? Personally, I think if Al Gore ever met Michael Crichton, he'd deck 'im for writing that book. And I like Michael Crichton, don't get me wrong, he writes great books. But State of Fear isn't helping the cause to combat global warming...

Oh my gosh, maybe Crichton secretly works for Mobil or Chevron...

Or maybe, Crichton's just thinking like a writer - whatever it takes to rake in the dough and readers. That's pretty much what I've been getting from all the writing books I've perused lately...


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