Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Patricia A. McKillip - finally, someone who writes short and sweet stand-alone fantasy, which is intruiging, and not filled with women's porn. I read one of her books, called Alphabet of Thorns, and I like her style, as well as the magnificent cover art that was done on her book.

John Robert Marlow - if anyone wants a synopsis of the ethical issues involved in developing nanotechnology, the pros and cons, its potentials, as well as an excellent, riveting plot, check out Nano. I do hope this will eventually come out in movie form. I'd love to see how they do the Golden Gate Bridge scene (as compared to X-men: The Last Stand, when Magneto rips the bridge off its struts). Poor Golden Gate! Nonetheless, a great book, highly recommended for geeks and the layman.


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