Monday, September 25, 2006

Dear Pam,

Last night, I dreamed about you and me. We were back home, but somewhere underground, having discovered that there was a well beneath the swimming pool. The well was plugged up, and we decided, crawling around in the mud, that we would figure out a way to undo the plug and get the well flowing with water again. We asked Pa if we could pull the plug, and he said, "Sure, as long as you do it yourselves."

So together, we went back to the well and somehow managed to get the plug out. The well started to fill with water. At first, the water was quite mucky and disgusting (I won't mention what we saw in it - it's quite gross), but very quickly, we cleared the mess away and soon the well was brimming with clean, clear, cold and delicious-looking water.

We were both a sight: crawling in dirt, covered in mud (I know, we princesses don't like to get dirty), and who-knows-what-else. But we were absolutely happy because we had accomplished something.

I woke up today wondering why on earth I had such a strange dream. I found some time during work to look up "dream symbols". The Web has many such places where quacks can tell you what every single thing in your dream means, so I looked up "sister/sibling" and "well".

Dreaming about a well supposedly has something to do with sharing.

Dreaming about your sibling, especially your sister (and especially if you have a real-life sister whom you grew up with), signifies some aspect of my life that I shared with you.

Ok, I don't know how accurate those quacks are, but here's my conclusion: I dreamed that you and I shared a common goal. We worked together as a team and accomplished something. We grew up together and had our fair portion of cat-fights, arguments, happy times, and talks.

I don't know if my dream signifies something that happened in the past, or something about our future together. I hope it represents our bond as sisters, having grown up together, and the bond we will share as we grow old together.

I guess then, it would be appropriate to say: Happy Belated Birthday, Pam. I wasn't expecting to give you anything, and I don't know if this counts.

姐 姐


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aww... so sweet... hee

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