Friday, August 25, 2006

The Truth of Nature (written around 2001 after watching a BBC show about the African savanna, I think)

The grey wolf bays at the tarnished moon.
The cheetah races across the sandy plains
The vulture circles the empty skies
The mermaid swims the deep, silent oceans.

Across the world, through the universe
Nature calls and Nature kills
The hunter preys on the hunted
The strong overcome the weak
Which one are you?

A city wakes at the crack of dawn
A soldier marches in the dying sun
A mother weeps for her ailing child
A battle rages amongst the living hordes.

Across all time, through the ages past
Nature calls and Nature kills
No remorse nor mercy
Nature is careless about its choices
Survive, if you will.

Truth be told, we are really all alone.
Let it be said, to live we must raise arms.
Struggle day and night
We fight each other for survival
Selfishly we face all battle
We are warriors
We are hunters
We conquer the conquered
We prey on the hunted
We run from the unseen enemies and
faceless adversaries, strangers
We become the hunted.

Through the years, centuries and ages untold,
Nature calls upon the weak and strong
Nature chooses indiscriminately its kill
Nature cruel and Nature kind
Don't be fooled up in your mind
Deceiving is Nature's truth.

The hunters hunt the hunted
The weak are prey of the strong
Which one are you?
Which ones are we?

Copyright © 2006


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